Getting the Bible to 10/40 Window

Psalms 68:11 “The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.”

Introducing the FirstBible School of Translation


The Mongolia Project

Dr. Charles Keen made a trip to Mongolia at the turn-of-the-century to see the spiritual condition of that small country of 2.5 to 3 million people. At that time, most of them were living in tents and riding camels. He saw a few missionaries, even less national pastors and almost no indigenous churches. 


85% of the missionary force is in 15 countries.

30% of the missionary force is in 5 countries (Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, Philippines, Canada).

8% of the missionary force is in the 10/40 Window.


Languages in the world today – 7,099

Languages with the whole Bible – 636

Languages with only a New Testament – 1,442

Languages with at least one book of the Bible – 1,045

Languages still needing Scriptures – 3,876*

People Groups

16,594 people groups in world

9,860 are considered reached.

6,734 are considered unreached.

What is the difference between a reached and an unreached people? The unreached have no church, no gospel access, cannot self-evangelize, vice-versa.

1040 Window Facts

The 10/40 window is a landmass running from the 10th to the 40th parallel North, partially across Africa, Europe, and Asia. It is comprised of 66 people groups with a total population of 4 billion people.