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Holy Spirit Filling

The Necessity of Being Filled with the Holy Spirit

May 22, 2019

The Holy Spirit and the Christian The Holy Spirit in the Christian life is as necessary as the Lord Jesus being received in a life.  The Holy Spirit is not an addition or an extra, but a necessity.  We say we believe that, but hear so little about Him.  I think many times we are…

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Obedience Motivations

Four Motivations for Obedience

May 15, 2019

As we study the Scriptures, we note an ascending order of motivations behind obedience.  Our motive for obedience escalates as our love for Jesus increases. The Fear of Consequences The first, and lowest, motivation for obedience is the fear of consequences.  This level of obedience is for the immature (we use this level with our small…

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Inaudible and Invisible God

The Inaudible and Invisible God

May 9, 2019

What do you consider to be a Christian’s greatest challenge and God’s greatest effort toward fallen men? It may be to make an inaudible and invisible God known in a world that relates only through the five physical senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. Did you ever wonder why our God chose to remain invisible and inaudible in His effort…

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Need in Mongolia

A Need Seen is an Assignment Given

February 21, 2019

This is the continuing story of how God was revealing the need for the Gospel among the unreached people of Mongolia, and how the Mongolia Project began. You can read the beginning of this story in the last blog post, Seeing the Need for Bible Translation. God was continuing the speak to hearts about the great…

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Seeing the Need for Bible Translation

February 11, 2019

People often ask me, how did I get involved in the Mongolia project? A little background is necessary. I have always had a great respect for the Bible and even before I was saved, I reverenced it. Along with my love for the Scriptures, God also put a love in my heart for missions early…

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Bible Storying

The Great Need for Bible Storying

January 27, 2019

In our previous blog posts we have focused on various oral strategies. These strategies have been used to successfully reach many, previously unreached, people with the gospel. Now we will move on to how Bible Storying can tear down barriers to spreading the gospel and why it is so useful. Storying as a strategy often…

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You Should Know

January 25, 2019

  This video is from Beyond https://www.beyond.org 

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Making of Disciples

Making Disciples of Oral Learners

January 22, 2019

Using Bible Storying in a sequential method means teaching the stories in a chronological manner beginning with Genesis and culminating with the Resurrection. You can read more about this in our last blog post. Below is another example of this method from Making Disciples of Oral Learners, published by the International Orality Network. The Togolese in Africa…

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Sequential Method

How Chronologically Teaching the Bible Enhances the Gospel

January 15, 2019

In our previous post, How to Reach an Unreached Culture, we highlighted a few facts about the need for oral strategies. The next fact is that Bible Storying can be used in a sequential method. This is teaching the stories in a chronological manner beginning with Genesis and culminating with the Resurrection. It enables the listeners to…

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The Wordless Bible

How to Reach an Unreached Culture

January 4, 2019

In recent years, various oral strategies have been successfully used around the world to reach previously unreached cultures. Mission agencies have been reevaluating how they approach regions where the majority of people are oral communicators and learners.   Below are a few facts about the need for oral strategies. There are over 7,300 known language groups…

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