The Wordless Panoramic Bible

The Wordless Panoramic Bible


Over 70% of those in the developing world are functionally illiterate. Their tradition is to pass information from person to person orally. As a result, millions have no access to God’s Word simply because they cannot read. This obviously creates a challenge for any ministry, which has as its purpose, the distribution of the Bible and gospel literature. In response to this challenge, The Great Company of Publishers is partnering with a ministry, Wordless Panoramic Bible effort. This beautifully illustrated Bible uses illustrations as an aid for Bible storying/teaching. Each page will serve as a mnemonic (a memory aid) for stories throughout the Bible.

Bible Storying


  • It is estimated that over 90% of the world’s Christian workers use highly developed literate communication styles when presenting the gospel.
  • Today, there are 775 million people in this world who are still locked up and held captive in the prison of adult illiteracy.


  • The first phase of the Pictorial Bible project is completing 12 panoramas that cover 25-30 Bible stories (Creation through the Great Commission).
  • We are on track to finish the fifth drawing by the end of the year.
  • If we received needed funding, we hope to have this first project completed in June or July of 2019. It will cost $45,000 to complete the project and produce the necessary elements for distribution and presentation.
  • Would you pray with us about partnering financially in this Great Commission need?