A Need Seen is an Assignment Given

This is the continuing story of how God was revealing the need for the Gospel among the unreached people of Mongolia, and how the Mongolia Project began. You can read the beginning of this story in the last blog post, Seeing the Need for Bible Translation.

God was continuing the speak to hearts about the great need in Mongolia. I felt God was leading me to be a voice for the unreached people of the world in the area of their Bible need, to the fundamental Baptist churches in America. Like John in the wilderness crying out to people of his day.

God Calls Workers

As I traveled, God brought men into my life who had a burden for the people of Mongolia and many of them had a great impact on me. Though Mongolia was a country of only 2.5 million people, it was full of unreached people without the gospel. God used men like Mickey Cofer, Robert Painter, Bill Patterson, and others, each in a different way, to bring this small country to my attention. When I visited Mongolia, what I saw moved me with compassion. Jesus mentioned four grounds, three of them were impossible, and the fourth was good ground. Mongolia was not good ground, but I did see some faithful believers in the field who were needing help.

There were few national Christians, and still fewer Mongolian churches. There were not many foreign missionaries who had come to help. It was evident that their biggest need was to have God’s holy and precious Word in their mother tongue. I heard them preach and teach and I heard them correcting the very book they were teaching out of. How could we train these people to have a great faith, if the book they were learning from was admittedly faulty? I came back home with a desire to be part of the solution to their problem. I taught my people, where I pastored,

“A need seen is an assignment given.”

I believe God gave me the assignment to make His Word available to them in their language. To learn more about The Mongolia Project you can can visit Great Company of Publishers.