A Devotion on the Law

The Law

There are two things about a devotional; it is more for the heart than the head, and it is brief in its content.  Though it should be doctrinally correct, it is not meant to be exhaustive in the subject matter dealt with.  This devotional is on the Law of God, basically the Ten Commandments. The Law’s…

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A Need Seen is an Assignment Given

Need in Mongolia

This is the continuing story of how God was revealing the need for the Gospel among the unreached people of Mongolia, and how the Mongolia Project began. You can read the beginning of this story in the last blog post, Seeing the Need for Bible Translation. God was continuing the speak to hearts about the great…

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How to Reach an Unreached Culture

The Wordless Bible

In recent years, various oral strategies have been successfully used around the world to reach previously unreached cultures. Mission agencies have been reevaluating how they approach regions where the majority of people are oral communicators and learners.   Below are a few facts about the need for oral strategies. There are over 7,300 known language groups…

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